Tasting Box With 8 Flavors


Are you not sure of which flavour to choose? We have the perfect box for you: the Mixed Box. In it you will find 8 cups in 8 different tastes. In this way you will have the opportunity to try all the recipes and choose your favorite Italian dish!

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Our instant pasta cups are available in 8 flavours. Each one is inspired by traditional Italian recipes, enclosing all the Italian scents and tastes ready to be enjoyed! This is the perfect option if you don’t know which one to choose or if you like all our Italian pasta dishes.

Instant Pasta represents the perfect solution to have a quick and tasty meal at home or everywhere you go! It is sufficient to add some hot water or to use a microwave together with water to prepare a delicious pasta dish in a few minutes. Now you only have to buy our Mixed Box and try the whole variants personally!


Only natural ingredients. Our products are an explosion of authentic flavours, made with high-quality ingredients and no preservatives. Enjoy the freshness of nature in every bite, because real goodness needs no additives!

Each cup in our box contains a balanced mix of high-quality instant pasta with delicious toppings and sauces that will enhance the flavours and leave your palate fully satisfied. Each serving is individually packed in order to ensure the maximum freshness and convenience.


  • 1x Cup of Mushrooms Sauce Pasta
  • 1x Cup of Cheesy Pasta
  • 1x Cup of Ortolan
  • 1x Cup of Carbonara Sauce Pasta
  • 1x Cup of Tomato Sauce Pasta with Basil
  • 1x Cup of Truffle Sauce Pasta
  • 1x Cup of Arrabbiata Pasta
  • 1x Cup of Pesto Sauce Pasta


Our products can be consumed till 12 months, maintaining the authentic and natural Italian taste. The cups don’t need refrigeration and can be easily stored at room temperature, so you can always have the opportunity to enjoy a traditional Italian dish comfortably at your home whenever you want.

For the nutritional tables, refer to the individual products that you will find on the site.
For any doubt or information see the FAQ page.

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3 reviews for Tasting Box With 8 Flavors

  1. Jean-michel Weber

    Très bon produit, excellent goût.

  2. Andie Jadoul

    J’en ai mangé 3 pour le moment et j’ai beaucoup aimé. Ma commande est arrivée bien emballé et la livraison fût impeccable.

  3. Cristina

    Non pensavo che le varie “paste” potessero essere così gustose e facili da preparare.

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