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Today sees the start of the 17th UEFA EURO 2024, one of the most important football events on the European sporting calendar. Toscanità Instant is ready to make sure you don’t miss a single minute of the match. Run to our shop and stock up on your favourite cups!

17th UEFA EURO 2024: make a goal with Toscanità!

Tasty, quick and easy to prepare, with our cups you can enjoy every match by choosing your favourite Italian recipe: pesto, carbonara, arrabbiata, mushroom … there’s something for everyone!

Root for your favourite team by savouring a handy cup of Toscanità Instant Pasta!

Make sure you have enough cups to have a quick dinner before or during the matches, without giving up a good quality meal. Take advantage of our promotion dedicated to sportsmen and women from all over Europe. Enter the code AE4UBAN6 and get an instant 10% discount on your purchase.

UEFA2024 Special Offer!

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UEFA EURO 2024: how and where to eat?

You will be able to enjoy your European Football Championship match how and where you want.  Outside the stadium so you don’t have to wait in line in front of restaurants or fast food outlets; at home or with friends so you don’t have to waste time cooking.

Preparing Toscanità instant Pasta is quick and easy:

  1. Choose the cup with the flavour you prefer
  2. Shake
  3. Open the cup and the fun begins. You have two options:
    • At home simply fill the cup with 180ml of water and microwave it for 3 minutes at 700 W.
    • Outside, take along a thermos flask with hot water to pour into the cup at the appropriate time and wait 3 minutes.
  4. Stir and enjoy!

Discover all our recipes and make a goal yourself! Bring the goodness of Toscanità Instant Pasta to the field and share it with your friends: get ready to cheer with taste!

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